The Tsakiris Mallas brand was established in Athens in 1969 and quickly became one the most innovative avant-garde companies, in the field of women's footwear industry.

With a design philosophy aimed to highlight femininity and by maintaining high standards in both materials and finishes, Tsakiris Mallas SA has managed to achieve a leading role in the Greek market.

With a vast network of wholesalers and sale points and an added bonus of a multitude of stores (stand-alone and franchises), the company serves the ever- growing demand for its products in the Greek market and beyond.

Its significant presence in many European countries, such as Italy, Spain, Turkey, Hungary and Germany, as well as USA, Saudi Arabia and Australia, the Tsakiris Mallas logo followed by those of the company's second lines, EXE and Seven are becoming recognizable features, in the global women’s footwear industry.