Since 1969, the Greek company TSAKIRIS MALLAS has consistently been a leader in the manufacturing and distribution of women's, men's, and children's footwear, with a forward momentum over 50YRS. Embracing high fashion design aesthetics, offers a wide range of styles, meticulously selected materials, and a commitment to delivering exceptional quality at affordable prices. 

The steadily company increase in retail and wholesale business consists of 43monobrand stores throughout Greece, a global online store, a network of over 300 collaborating retailer partners, and a significant export network spanning 23 countries within and outside the European Union. In addition to the own label production, the company continually enriches its brand portfolio through collaborations with international brands.

TSAKIRIS MALLAS creations are designed for those who seek stylish footwear that reflects the latest fashion trends, suitable for every moment of the day.